RHI Magnesita Global Trainee Program 2024

Find your passion for tomorrow’s world

What is the Global Trainee Program?

The RHI Magnesita Trainee Program is the initial step for top-notch graduates and emerging professionals towards a stimulating and exciting journey within the company. It offers unique insights to discover your passions and talents and to become the future leaders and experts of the industry.

During this extensive program, in a dynamic global environment, you will gain valuable experience from the first day by participating in strategic projects in the company’s growth, as well as perform daily functional assignments. At the end of your trainee journey, you are set to kick-start your career within RHI Magnesita.

Program Overview

Comprehensive onboarding program

Multiple rotations to gain new different competences & skills

Landing position in your selected field

Program Timeline

September 2024 – February 2025
March 2025
February 2026
March – August 2026
September 2024 – February 2025
1st Assignment
Intensive Onboarding
  • Global onboarding celebration
  • Face-to-face trainee event
  • Boots-on-the-ground assignment
March 2025 + February 2026
2nd/3rd Assignment
Functional Expertise*
  • Global development and networking touchpoints
  • Structured goal setting and performance management process
  • Regular pit-stop presentations to leadership team
  • Buddy assigned to facilitate onboarding and faster career development
  • X-functional Experience*
  • Business trips abroad

*Customized based on the background and the position of the trainee

March – August 2026
Preparation for Landing Position (optional)
  • Graduation ceremony

Selection Process


Upload your resume

Upload your resume (indicate the function you apply for)

Video and Hiring leaders interviews

Participate in video interviews and interviews with your hiring leaders in your region

Assessment Center

Attend an Assessment Center

Start your Trainee Program

Start your Trainee Program in September 2024

Why is the Program unique?

  • Permanent contract, with a competitive package
  • Opportunity to work in different departments and travel abroad for business trips
  • Promising development path
  • International and inclusive environment
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Company’s ambition towards sustainability
  • Global leadership of the company

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for outstanding individuals, willing to become future leaders and experts in the world’s leading refractory company! Are you the one?

Main requirements:

  • University degree (minimum Bsc)
  • 1-3 years of professional working experience or internship
  • Fluent in English (in spoken and written)
  • Pragmatic team player with hands-on mentality
  • Ready to work in an international team
  • Passionate for personal and professional development

We are very much looking forward to your application! Once you have completed Step 1, we will get in touch with you by the end of March 2024.

Trainee… And then?

The trainee program is definitely above my expectations. If you want to challenge yourself and push your boundaries this is exactly the right place to be. You can enlarge your network with many interesting new contacts. If you want to boost your career, then I totally recommend this program to you!

Tugba Bozkurt
Global Trainee 2023

The program indeed presents various challenges, pushing us to explore new frontiers and enhance our problem-solving skills. Additionally, it provides a global perspective by fostering collaboration and sharing diverse ideas from around the world, contributing to a richer and more interconnected intellectual landscape.

Weiguang Cong
Global Trainee 2023

I applied for this trainee program because with that I have an opportunity to keep on learning. It is such a great way to learn a lot of interesting things in a lot of different sectors. I would really recommend it to someone because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Alin AbdulAzeez
Global Trainee 2023

RHI Magnesita in Numbers

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RHI Magnesita is the global leader in refractories - a billion-dollar industry; an essential part of the modern world’s infrastructure and a key element of the global value chain. For us, leadership is about responsibility. It’s about constantly delivering the most innovative and reliable products and services. It comes from finding, retaining, and motivating exceptional people who can do a remarkable job. As we grow our business, we will only succeed if we bring our people along on the journey.

Apply Now

Global R&D & Innovation Trainee (Leoben)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8412/
Internal Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8412/


Operations Excellence Trainee (Leoben/Vienna)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job/Wien-Operations-Excellence-Trainee-%28all-genders%29-1120/786876002/
Internal Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job/Wien-Operations-Excellence-Trainee-%28all-genders%29-1120/786876002/


Technical Sales Trainee (Vienna, AT)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job/Wien-Technical-Sales-Trainee-%28all-genders%29-1120/786979002/
Internal Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job/Wien-Technical-Sales-Trainee-%28all-genders%29-1120/786979002/


Complexity Reduction Program Trainee (Rotterdam, NL)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8353/
Internal Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8353/


Digital Transformation Trainee (Vienna, AT)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8399/
Internal Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8399/


Global Supply Chain Management Trainee (Rotterdam, NL)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8344/
Internal Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8344/


People & Culture Trainee (Vienna, AT)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8400/
Internal Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8400/


Global Procurement Trainee (Rotterdam, NL)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8345/
Internal Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job-invite/8345/

Leadership Development Trainee Program – Manufacturing Operations (York)

External Careers: https://www.applicantpro.com/openings/rhimagpro/jobs/3210765-466447


Leadership Development Trainee Program – Finance (York)

External Careers: https://rhimagpro.applicantpro.com/jobs/3210772-466447


Leadership Development Trainee Program – Research & Development (Mexico)

External Careers: https://rhimagpro.applicantpro.com/jobs/3210775-466447


Leadership Development Trainee Program – Finance (Mexico)

External Careers: https://www.applicantpro.com/openings/rhimagpro/jobs/3210800-466447

Trainee – Sales (Dubai, UAE)

External Careers: https://careers.rhimagnesita.com/job/Dubai-Trainee/786688802/

Contact us

North America

Ronesha Willis

South America

Barbara Alves


Cheryl Wang


Saradha Selvendran


Pooja Chauhan


Ana Sanjuan


Yes, you may also apply for the Global Trainee Program.

English is our business language. However, a good knowledge of the local language would be indeed an advantage.

Yes, after each step of the selection process you will receive feedback from us.

The selection process will end following the assessment center (which is planned for may/june 2024). You will receive our feedback shortly after.

Yes, but in addition to the bachelor’s degree, you also need to have relevant internship/work experience.

For the entire selection process, we recommend you to use a PC/laptop (other mobile devices are enabled as well) and ensure a stable internet connection. For the online phase, you would definitely benefit from a comfortable and silent space. Prepare your pen and paper. Check in advance whether your microphone and webcam work.